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Welcome to the International Cannabis Patients Wall. We gather here and on social media to fight for the rights of cannabis patients to truly legal, natural, healing. We demand federal change via the repeal of the prohibition against cannabis. Every patient in the US and worldwide has the right to natural access of natural healing. Prohibition has always been an ineffective way of preventing cannabis use and sales. Cannabis use is a victimless crime and no one should be penalized for it.  The sanctity of one's home should never be violated by police enforcing unjust drug laws.  We do not need more judges, lawyers, prisons or police, we need a healthier population, more jobs and a stronger American economy.  Growing, buying, selling, or bartering cannabis of cannabis products between consenting adults is also victimless and should not be prohibited.  Cannabis like alcohol should be allowed only for adult consumption except in medicinal purposes and in that case minors use should be approved by a physician.  If a person commits a crime under the influence of cannabis, then they should be criminally prosecuted for the crime committed. Other than these situations there should be no government legislation on cannabis or its use. If you agree please join us in this fight.

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Tips on protecting yourself and your family

Welcome and we invite you to browse this information, spend some time to learn your rights and use them to protect yourself and your family during this time of rekindled "Reefer Madness" and Jeff Sessions fight to renew the all out war on drugs that we all know is a war on mankind.  I spent a week listening to many videos reading many articles and gathering all of these links in hopes of helping protect cannabis users now and going forward. Please take the time to use them, it could change your life. This is a war that focuses on the weakest citizens of our nation, the poor, "minorities",  and our sick. If we can not repeal cannabis prohibition let's nullify it!  The majority of Americans believe that cannabis should be legal so let us as a nation nullify cannabis laws by not prosecuting cannabis users no matter the evidence against them because the law itself is inhumane and unjust. Let the legal system know that this is a losing fight and to repeal cannabis laws or waste their time and money on court cases that will be thrown out repeatedly.  Empower yourself and your community as jurors, regain control of government and nullify bad laws.

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