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Working on a Legalize Cannabis Campaign for 2018?

We call to action all state campains for 2018 to to join in the larger fight by working with us to change state and federal laws in 2018. Share your information here by clicking  campaign information and answering a few questions. Help build your state's display wall for events in your state capital next year by registering patients, getting signatures for the federal petition online, and to help collect survey data that we would share with you to use in your campaigns.


Campaign United -  Together We Can

We offer easily printable  information that can be passed out with your local campaign info allowing you to get double the impact for your efforts.  Many times people that stop by can not sign local petitions because they are not yet registered to vote, so of course you have the local voters registration, but you could have much more. You could have our national brochure, online survey and federal petition, along with patients registration sheets. Register patients being denied cannabis to be represented on your state's patients wall and attend a coordinated state and federal event with the National Cannabis Patients Wall and You in your state capital and then in Washington DC.


If you are being denied legal access to medical cannabis treatments, join a campaign in your state.

To do this just click red links below for info?

 We want to work with and support every state campaign.

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