American Territories And  International Cannabis Patients L ~ Z


Norbert Brandl ~ Cardiopulmonary Respiratory Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Neuropathy, PTSD, Migraines



Tromelin Island ~

Beth Blackwell  ~ Chronic Pain, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Graves Disease



Gomez Villa ~ Bone Cancer

Gary Wirfs ~ Prostate Cancer , Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Degenerative Arthritis


Stef Blom ~ Chronic Pain

Serge de Bruijn ~ Fibromyalgia, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD

Donald Denzler ~ Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Asthma, Migraine, Multiple Sensory Hypersensitivity, Tinnitus
Marian H ~ Fibromyalgia, COPD, Chronic Pain, Sleep-Disorder, DDD

Dirk D Jager ~ Migraines ASS

June Kidd ~ Chronic Pain, DDD, Polyarthritis, Hip Replacements

Peet Van Achteren ~ Chronic Pain, Neuropathy

Jeroen Van Den Bergh Den Dulck ~ OA, Spinal Trauma, Stenosis

Michel Van Vliet ~ ADD, Appetite Loss

Erich Wijs ~ Chronic Pain, HIV/AIDS, Muscle Spasms,Spasticity




Brodie John Andrews ~ Spinal Cord Disease, Injury, Knee Injury, Chronic Pain


Zelna Brinton ~ Cardiopulmonary Respiratory Syndrome, Asthma, Depression

Wendy Connon ~ Chronic Pain, Hepatitis C, Structural Trauma

Rainy Coulter ~ Cardiopulmonary Respiratory Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Hepatitis C


Tom Edwards ~ Nausea, Depression

Jaydn Goudie ~ PTSD, Insomnia, ADD, Depression, Chronic Pain, ADHD,  Insomnia
Paula Gray ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Paula Vicki Gray ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis

Rev. Thomas Hoyt D. ~ Cancer, Chronic Pain, FMS, Glaucoma, IBS, PTSD, Athsma

Nikita Hubber  ~ Arnold-Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia, Ataxia, Cachexia

Jakh Heremia ~ Cardiopulmonary Respiratory Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Psychotic Episodes, Cramps



Robert J Illes ~ Chronic Pain, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Traumatic Brain Injuries, Hypertension, Diabetes, .Stress

Cindy Jamieson ~ Chronic Pain, PTSD, Post Traumatic Syndrome, Nausea, Appetite Loss, Sciatica, Spinal Cord Injury

David Meikle ~ Chronic Pain, Spinal Cord Disease, Injury

Isabell Melissa Milanovic ~ Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety

Rangi Moon ~  Chronic Pain, TBI,  Vertigo, Depression

Susan Moy ~ Chronic Pain, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Vomiting, wasting, appetite loss, Cramping


Michelle O'Connor ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Myofascial Pain Syndrome


Paul W ~ Restless Legs Syndrome
Trefor Williams ~ Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis



Robb Esspisi ~ Chronic Pain, Spinal Cord Disease, Injury

Jon-Erik Haug ~ Epilepsy, Seizures, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Øyvind Haugland ~ PTSD, ADHD, Personality Disorder, Manic Depressive, Suicidal Thinking, Insomnia
Rune Jacobsen ~ Hepatitis C
Lynette L ~ Artrose , Lymphedema, Cardiovascular Disease, Anxiety

Stig Larsen ~ FMS, Chronic Pain, Depression

Jørgen Olsen ~ Fibromyalgia, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Bjorn Stuverod ~ Cancer, Chronic Pain



Lourdes Asuncion ~ Glaucoma, Interstitial Cystitis, Palpable Cyst, Body Masses

Leonor S. Aunario ~ Breast Cancer Stage 4

Gert Overweg ~ Bipolar Disorder


Juan .A  Alicea ~ Glaucoma, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, DIAB ~ V
Susan Blustein ~ Fibromyalgia, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Luis R. Nazario Fabre ~ CRS, Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Chronic Pain, Crohn's, FMS, Glaucoma,  IBD, IC, Nausea
Magali Rivera Faria  ~ Chronic Pain, Dystonia, FMS, Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity, Parkinson's Disease, Spinal Cord Injury

Melinda Colon Gallego ~ Fibromyalgia, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Chronic Pain

Jossiel Garcia ~ Muscle Spasms, Spasticity,Insomnia, Depression, ADD
Edwin Gorgas ~ Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity, Peripheral Neuropathy
Santos A. Burgos Mercado ~ Chronic Pain, Hepatitis C, Nausea, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

William Morgado ~ Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis

Victor Rivera  ~ Chronic Pain, Nausea, Peripheral Neuropathy, Cramping

Rev. Gregory Ruiz ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Disease, Injury

Luis Cruz Zurita ~ Prostate Cancer, Chronic Pain  ~ V




Veronika N ~ Bone, Intramuscular Metastases Cancer, Chronic Pain, Nausea, Neuropathy, Spinal Cord Disease 

Andrei Radu ~ Anorexia, Nausea, Vomiting, Cramping



Davey Smith ~ Crohn's



Klemen Piber ~ Rheumatic Cancer, Chronic Pain

Bozidar Radisic ~ Post-traumatic Stress Disorder



Kailyn Austin ~ Cachexia,  Breast Cancer, Nausea, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Anorexia, Nausea, Vomiting, Cramping
Kathrine Brummer ~ Pancreatic Cancer, Chronc Pain

Linda L ~ Migraine, Chronic Auditory Problems
Stanley L ~ DJD, Anxiety, Brittle Type 1 Diabetes

Janet O'Donoghue ~ Early Stg Melanoma Cancer

Rob P. ~ Prostate Cancer ~ V

Daleen Venter ~ Fibromyalgia, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder , Depression, Insomnia



Jean Willowes Denbigh ~ COPD

Benoit Lebon ~ Restless Legs Syndrome

Juergen Meixner ~ Ataxia, Cachexia, Crohn's, FMS, IBD, ALS, Lupus,  Nausea, Seizures, MD, MS, Parkinson's



Russell Cobleigh ~ Chronic Pain, TBI,  Spinal Cord  Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome ~ V

A L Lundin ~ Breast Cancer Metastasized to Bone, Hormone Sensitive

Kerstin Staudinger ~  Metastasized Breast Cancer,  Bones, Liver



Marie-Claude Massandy ~ Multiple Sclerosis

Tw Chiying ~ Epilepsy

Chino Dai ~ Post-traumatic Stress Disorder



Kağan Oztekten ~ Epilepsy ~ 7 Yrs
Onur Urenden ~ Brain Cancer


Patrick J Abbott  ~ Chronic Pain. Nausea

Dawn Ali ~ High Blood Pressure, Underactive Thyroids

Graham Appleton ~ Glaucoma, Nausea, Emphysema


Steven Blake ~ Multiple Sclerosis

Joan Bloombury ~ Arthritis

A Brown ~ Hepatitis C, Diseases, Nausea, Insomnia, Anxiety, Bronchial Asthma
Callum Burns ~ Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression. Panic Disorder, Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder


Fran Clayton ~ C.O.P.D.

Kira Coleman ~ IBD, Migraines, Nausea, Stress, Asthma, Eczema, Muscle, Joint Pain, Appetite Issues, Anxiety

Hachet MFC Coles ~ Seizures, Diseases, Nausea, Vomiting, Cramping

Steve Danks ~ Chirrosis Cancer, Hepatitis C

Jayde Dawson ~ Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, IBS, Psychosis. ~ 17 Yrs

Tracy Halpin ~ Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, IBS, Seizures, PTSD, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Psychoses, Migraine

Paul Hampson  ~ Chronic Pain, Crohn's disease, IBS, Nausea

Ian Herbert ~ Chronic Pain

Julie Humpage ~ Seronegative Arthritis, DDD, OA, FMS, Anxiety, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Danny Hutchings ~Thyroid  Cancer
Sarah Hutchings ~ COPD

Leonard Jones ~ Non Small Lung Cancer, Bladder, Bowel Tumours


June S. Kidd ~ Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity, DDD, Arthritis, Hip Replacement


Anji Laidlow ~ Chronic Depression

Paul Leahy ~ Rheumatoid Arthritis

Marsha Levine ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Claire Logie ~ Brain Tumor Stage 3 Cancer

Anita Moore ~ Chronic Pain, Neuropathy. IBS, Chronic Pain
John Morley ~ Chronic Pain, Nausea, Vomiting
Winston Matthews ~ Cancer, Chronic Pain, Hep. C, Nausea, Spinal Cord Disease, Injury, Alcoholism, Depression

Karen Mcardle ~ Chronic Pain, Nausea, C.O.P.D, Emphysema, Asthma, IBS
William Mcardle ~ Lung Cancer, Metastasized to Brain, Organs
William (Bud) Mcardle ~ Lung Cancer


Linda Pereira ~ Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis
James Price  ~  Stg 4 Mouth Cancer. Lower Jaw Amputated, Currently in Remission


Michaela R ~ Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Trauma, EDS Type 3

Steven R ~  Peripheral Neuropathy, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression
Andrew Reeves ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Sandra Shufflebottom ~ Dystonia, IBD, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity, Spasmodic Torticollis
Colin V.T Spence ~ Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Seizures, Spinal Cord Disease,  Injury

Jim Starr ~ Chronic Pain, PTSD, Spinal Cord Disease, Trauma


Dawn T ~ Cancer, Nausea

Paul Thomas ~ Chronic Pain, IBS, IBD, Nausea, Muscle Spasms


Neil W ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Nausea

Thomas Wilfort ~ Seizures, Ollier's Disease, Schizophrenia, Dyspraxia

Mathew Wilkin ~ Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity
Angela Jane Wilson ~ Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Devon ~ Cheryl White ~ TLIF Spinal Fusion, Chronic Pain, Migraines, CFS

Robert S Wyatt ~ Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity

Andrew Wyles ~ Chronic Pain, Bipolar, Personality Disorder




Kimberly Angel ~  Clinical Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Arthritis, Scoliosis

Katherine Bigott ~ Congenital Spinal StenosisMichael Franklin ~ Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Spinal Stenosis
Michael W.Rains ~ Seizures, Muscle Spasticity, PTSD, Terminal Renal Failure; Focal Segmental, Glomerulosclerosis

Douglas C Nicknair ~ Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, TBI, Vertigo, Diabetes

Karen Woods ~ Chronic Pain, Breast Cancer Survivor, MS, Depression, Anxiety


James Parrish ~ Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Spasticity

Rachel M Barnett Powers ~ Chronic Pain, COPD



Corinne Perkins ~ Cancer, Chronic Pain



Megan G. ~ Chronic Pain, Obesity
John P Henderson ~ Chronic Pain, Nausea, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Lyme’s ~ V



Nguyen Hoang Tung ~ Glaucoma



Mariam Bromantt ~ Seizures  ~ 4 Yrs​


Josephine A. Crane ~ Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Cord Disease, Injury, Failed Back Surgeries

Karen Torres ~ Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, PTSD






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