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What is the National Cannabis Patients Wall?


We are the international voice for all of the local campaigns fighting for cannabis legalization.  Joining these local campaigns into a national fight for the sick and suffering everywhere. 


We are a collection of facebook groups where cannabis patients and potential cannabis patients currntly being denied treatment, can support each other with compassionate understanding because they are patients themselves. We share medical stories, cures, and information on cannabis therapies.   We share scientific studies at and also political information about current bills at   But these are no ordinary facebok group, we are here to make change. Because we believe all patients deserve legal access to medical cannabis no matter where they live.


We are a social network fighting the prohibition of cannabis.  Join us in this fight, tweet with us on, See videos or watch our play lists on   Join our google circle at ! Be a part of our social networks and support the legalization of medical cannabis.

We are a way to collect data that absolutely validates the need for dramatic federal change in the Cannabis policies of the United States and worldwide to end patients needless suffering. This information will verify the great need for change in these laws. Take our survey.

We are a way to offer a solution. The wall will be displayed in Washington next year in an attempt to shine the light not only on the great need for medical cannabis legalization, but also “the work” that needs to be done after legalization. .

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How do I volunteer for NCPW?

What are the posting guidelines for your facebook groups?


We encourage members to participate in meaningful dialog about the repeal of the prohibition of cannabis and its related therapies to educate the general public in the science and medical value of cannabis. We encourage sharing of the content we post to shine the light on our cause. We ask that posts on each group be specifically related to the focus of that group. For example patients questions about cannabis therapies and other personal patient related posts are welcome on the The National Cannabis Patients Wall Patient Support Group. News about current bills go on  The NCPWall.Org's National Cannabis Bill's Registry  Have a medical study you want to share? Awesome The NCPWall Cannabis Study Collection is the place for that and other general cannabis information can be posted on our main page at National Cannabis Patients Wall General Cannabis Info. We have specific pages or groups for specific things so that you can easily find what your looking for and don't have to scroll through pages and pages of non related information when using our resources.


Can I post my gofundme information on your pages to try to raise money? No but you can message us and we will share it on this web site.  message us and give us the link.


Sales of any kind in groups especially the buying and selling of cannabis will not be tolerated and will be immediately deleted and the poster removed and blocked from the group. IF YOU HAVE A PRODUCT THAT YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE CONTACT US.


Every member will be expected to represent themselves appropriately and in an adult manner at all times while posting on the group pages. Profanity will not be tolerated as this Wall represents patients of all ages and that inludes a lot of children so families gather on our sites. Profanity or intolerance will get you permanently banned.

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