We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us in this undertaking. It is our fervent hope that it will benefit Cannabis Patients across our nation, and globally as well.

The International Cannabis Patients Wall: A permanent, light weight, mobile display made of weatherproof polysterene panels.  We have designed a custom racking system for the Wall, made from durable, adjustable and lightweight PVC.  to display the Walls anywhere, completely free standing!




As we work together, to grow the Wall and public and legislative awareness, we proudly offer many avenues of information and resources here such as our patient support group where patients share information, compassion, and their cannabis therapy testimonials.




We also have a group page on facebook where we post recent studies on the medical use of cannabis.






While gathering data from our survey we hope to accomplish the following goals,

1. Identify Illness "hotspots"
2. Identify areas of particular economical need.
3. Gather Basic Cannabis Patient Illness stats.     

4. Associated Illness stats.

5. National Cannabis availability information.

6. Strain use stats and specifications.

7. Dosing information.
8. Patient/Doctor relationship information.​

9. Cannabis Patients political stance of non supporting legislators.

10. Illness specific Associations, Societies, Foundation contacts.

11. Illness specific resources.

12. Misc Patient resources.

13. Patient before and after cannabis therapy testimonials.

14. Patients state of residence, illnesses, and pictures.

15. Catalog Patient Prisoners



There will be useful information on specific illness and resources, not only for patients, but their families and caregivers as well, to that end we have  a survey to obtain much of the information cited above. This survey is voluntary and anonymous. Fill it out in whole, in part or not at all. Any and all data received will be useful to this project.  This data will be channeled into cohesive documents, charts and graphs which will be useful to us in changing laws across the country.

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