Cleaner DAB Drops

Cleaner DAB Drops

Cleaner DAB Drops
Remove dab stains from Fabric.
The revolutionary DAB Drops two-part formula cleans wax, dabs rosin, resin buddha, and even most ink stains from fabric effectively. This works on nearly all fabrics, from denim to silk and everything in between!

This product comes with FREE Shipping in the continental U.S.


Enough to clean 50 stains or more depending on fabric and density!


Dabs are the worst kind of sticky. When hot dabs fall on fabric it forms around the fibers and makes a hard little spot that feels scratchy, ruins your clothes and is impossible to remove, until now.


With DAB Drops get dabs out of most fabric, blue jeans to silk.
This is the ONLY WAY to save those favorite jeans and other clothing you were about to downgrade to rags.

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