Mile High Cleaner Canna Mags Magnetic

Mile High Cleaner Canna Mags Magnetic
Scrubbing Tool for water pipes.
The magnetic tool for hard to reach places uses powerful Rare Earth magnets to provide scrubbing power from the INSIDE.
3.25″ T6 Aluminum tube crimped and capped on one end to encase a Powerful rare-earth magnet.
Open end of wand acts as a storage area capped by yellow cap.
Handmade in Colorado.
Rare Earth Magnets coated to protect your piece.
Large and small scrubbing shuttles.
Shuttles store in wand.

PLUS, incredible Mile HIGH Cleaner Natural Resin Remover
Just squirt 20 drops of Cleaner into a warm (from rinsing out) piece. Drop in shuttle. Scrub as fast as
you can. squirt in dish soap and re-scrub. Rinse.

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