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Add your name to the patients wall click here.

Filll out our a short online digital regristation form to become a patient on your state wall that will be joined with all other state wall in Washington DC Next year in our all out effort to federally legalize medical cannabis for all patients in every state of America as well as a display wall for every country that has patients wanting and needing to bring attention to their fight for medical cannabis. We need a full name or first name with an initial for the last name.

This survey does not require a name at all and provides valuable data for us to use as reference of what patients are using for their therapies and how much they will need to grow to provide for their needs. Please fill this out and give us the information we need.

Take Our Survey

Print these documents to use for patient recruiting or to pass out at events to share information about our projects and this cause. They are in the pdf format, and are printable by any pdf reader.

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We are currently accepting applications for the positions listed below.


Fill out and submit our

Volunteer Application


National Volunteer Coordinator

State Volunteer Coordinator

Social Networking Content Creation/Distribution

Social Networking Page Administration

Video Editing Assistant

Gathering Patient Information

Entering Patient Information into Database

Director of Research and Studies


Social Networking Content Creation/Distribution needed for all facebook groups as well as youtube, twitter, and google+.

To volunteer in your local area please see our State Volunteer Network where we use facebook to connect people in your area to allow you to form local groups and gather patients for your state wall, share the federal online petition, share the survey, and if you have a campaign or petition in your state this year please share the info with us so we can add it to our Cannabis in Your Area page. This is where we will try to join all of the state campaigns, bills, along with other information about cannabis in your area. To add your state petition or campaign information click here and submit the short form and we will update your state with the information you submit to be as complete as you can and don't forget the links to pages.  Working together we can help change state and federal laws.

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