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Stand and be counted in your state as a patient being healed by cannabis or a patient being denied cannabis treatment in an illegal state. Click for more info about “The Wall” & join for free.


Fill out our a short online digital registration form to become a patient on your state wall that will be joined with all other state wall in Washington DC Next year in our all out effort to federally legalize medical cannabis for all patients in every state of America as well as a display wall for every country that has patients wanting and needing to bring attention to their fight for medical cannabis. We need a full name or first name with an initial for the last name.  For example John Smith or John S


Let's stand together and demand change. This government has lied and deceived us since before cannabis was made illegal. while patenting a plant for medical use while continuing to stand by their statement on the DEA schedule 1 listing requirements that it have “no medicinal value and high probability of abuse”


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