We are currently accepting applications for the positions listed below.


National Volunteer Coordinator

State Volunteer Coordinator

Social Networking Content Creation/Distribution

Social Networking Page Administration

Video Editing Assistant

Gathering Patient Information

Entering Patient Information into Database

Director of Research and Studies


Social Networking Content Creation/Distribution needed for all facebook groups as well as youtube, twitter, and google+. To volunteer for these NCPW positions please fill out this application and email it to




To volunter in your county of your state find the link below and click the box beside your county to join other people from facebook in your area that are also volunteering and are interested in getting together to fight prohibition of cannabis. Friend those in your area and start a local group of volunteers to work with.


Once you have your local network in place, see the TAKE ACTION page for printing brochures, business cards, and patient sign up sheets to get you out into your community as an effective cannabis activist. Remember to check out the other docs as well.




ALABAMA: Counties of Alamama


ALASKA:  Counties of Alaska


ARIZONA: Counties of Arizona


ARKANSAS: Counties of Arkansas


CALIFORNIA: Counties of California


COLORADO: Counties of Colorado


CONNECTICUT: Counties of Connecticut


DELAWARE: Counties of Delaware


FLORIDA: Counties of Florida


GEORGIA: Counties of Georgia


HAWAII: Counties of Hawaii


IDAHO: Counties of Idaho


ILLINOIS: Counties of Illinois (Adams ~ Union)     Counties of Illinois (Vermilion ~ Whiteside) 


INDIANA: Counties of Indiana


IOWA: Counties of Iowa


KANSAS: Counties of Kansas (ALLEN ~ TREGO COUNTIES)  Counties of Kansas (WABAUNSEE ~ WYANDOTTE)


KENTUCKy: Counties of Kentucky (ADAIR ~ OWSLEY)    Counties of Kentucky (PENDLETON ~ WOODFORD)


LOUISIANA: Counties of Lousiana


MAINE: Counties of Maine


MARYLAND: Counties of Maryland


MASSACHUSETTS: Counties of Massachusetts


MICHIGAN: Counties of Michigan


MINNESOTA: Counties of Minnesota


MISSISSIPPI: Counties of Mississippi


MISSOURI: Counties of Missouri (ADAIR ~ SCOTLAND)  Counties of Missouri (SCOTT _ WRIGHT)


MONTANA: Counties of Montana


NEBRASKA: Counties of Nebraska


NEVADA:  Counties of Nevada


NEW HAMPSHIRE: Counties of New Hampshire


NEW JERSEy: Counties of New Jersey


NEW MEXICO: Counties of New Mexico


NEW YORK: Counties of New York


NORTH CAROLINA: Counties of North Carolina


NORTH DAKOTA: Counties of North Dakota


OHIO: Counties of Ohio


OKLAHOMA: Counties of Oklahoma


OREGON: Counties of Oregan


PENNSYLVANIA: Counties of Pennsylvania


RHODE ISLAND: Counties of Rhode Island


SOUTH CAROLINA: Counties of South Carolina


SOUTH DAKOTA: Counties of South Dakota


TENNESSEE: Counties of Tennesee


TEXAS: Counties of Texas (Andersom ~ Haskill )     Counties of Texas (Howard ~ Shuman)       Counties of Texas (Taylor ~ Zavala)


UTAH: Counties of Utah


VERMONT: Counties of Vermont


VIRGINIA: Counties of Virginia


WASHINGTON: Counties of Washington


WASHINGTON DC: Counties of Washington DC


WEST VIRGINIA: Counties of West Virginia


WISCONSIN: Counties of Wisconsin


WYOMING: Counties of Wyoming

Organize an Event

When you just can't stay silent on a particular issue, expressing your views through civil protest is a positive way to make a difference. Gathering with other people to collectively speak out against wrongdoing is a fundamental right and a powerful way to bring about change.


A few links with helpful hints.


How to Protest


How to Protest Peacefully And Effectively


Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests      PRINT THE PDF



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